KIKUP -  The Storming Orange - Best new Hacky Sac,Colin Traquair

KIKUP - The Storming Orange - Best new Hacky Sac

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KIKUP - Shuttlecock - The Patriot - Hacky Sack Like Badminton Birdie with a Twist, use Your Hands and Feet to Keep in The Air.

Hack, Smack, or Whack it into the air and keep it there. This bouncy birdie plays like badminton and hacky-sack.

This sport is a fun social way to stay active while improving your eye-hand coordination, response time and ball control. KIKUPs are awesome for warm-ups and exceptional for sports training, like soccer and basketball.

Small, durable and portable you can bring it on all your endless adventures

Challenge your friends, family, and co-workers to play this fast-paced, fun, exciting social game anywhere inside or outside! 

See for yourself in our video below



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