Here’s Why You Need To Start Using Chlorine Dioxide!

Have you heard about the benefits of using Chlorine dioxide? 

Chlorine Dioxide has a wide range of uses that you need to know about, but its water purification abilities are one of the uses you need to know about. 

You should use chlorine dioxide or chlorine dioxide solution to purify your water because it is an efficient oxidant, biocide, and disinfectant. It also barely reacts with organic compounds and produces less waste and pollutants than other water purification methods. 

Chlorine dioxide can destroy bacteria, viruses, and other germs in water, therefore preventing the spread of waterborne illnesses. Chlorine dioxide is ten times more soluble than chlorine and may be eliminated by adding air through aeration. It has been shown to reduce the number of germs in your water by 1,000,000.  It remains as a dissolved gas in a solution which prevents it from hydrolyzing. Because of its effectiveness and safety, it is an ideal alternative for water treatment.

Chlorine dioxide is an effective disinfectant, which is another reason you should use it to purify your water. It removes surface biofilm and germs from your water. It has also been shown to prevent additional biofilm growth. Chlorine dioxide is safe for human consumption and widely used for water purification and preventing biofilm growth in pipes.  It’s registered with the EPA and passes its strict  DIS/TISS guidelines.

Deodorizing With Chlorine Dioxide

Inability to fully has been universally regarded as the ideal deodorization and disinfection solution for large-scale projects such as municipal water treatment for approximately 75 years. Recent technological advancements have reduced the cost of producing Chlorine dioxide for restoration projects of any size. This breakthrough paved the path for the discovery of Chlorine dioxide as a potent new technique to eradicate a wide range of odors.

Chlorine dioxide removes odors through a process known as oxidation. Chlorine dioxide operates in a chemical reaction involving the transfer of electrons between molecules and/or atoms.

We've all smelled skunk spray — that odor is sometimes referred to as mercaptan. Chlorine Dioxide robs electrons from the mercaptan’s molecular structure, modifying the molecule's makeup so that it no longer smells. It has the same effect on the smoke odor leftover from a fire.

Chlorine Dioxide is tiny.  Small odor molecules (about 0.1 millimeter), such as smoke from natural materials, can easily embed into surfaces, making removal difficult. Chlorine Dioxide is 100 times smaller than a molecule of smoke. As a result, Chlorine Dioxide is an excellent choice for oxidizing smoke residue, resulting in an odor-free atmosphere with no residue.

This is great news if you want to remove the dreaded cigarette smell from your car. It’s also great for removing unwanted odors from apartments.

Where Can You Use Chlorine Dioxide

  • Home, Hotel & Apartment Interiors
  • Auto, Truck, RV, and Boat Interiors
  • Animal Environments
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Sporting & Camping Equipment
  • Tank & Line and Potable Water Systems

How To Purify Your Water With Chlorine Dioxide

Water Purification with Chlorine Dioxide is an easy process. You can either use Chlorine Dioxide tablets or a Chlorine Dioxide solution. Here’s the process. 

Purifying Your Water Using Tablets

Add 30 tablets in 1 Liter to one liter of water and allow the tablets to dissolve for 5 minutes. During this process, you should cover the container. 

Purifying Your Water Using A Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Using a chlorine dioxide solution to purify your water is more straightforward than tablets. You just need to add 2 to 5 drops of WPS Water Purification Solution Activated CDS 3000 PPM Chlorine Dioxide for every liter of water you want to purify. The amount you add depends on how impure the water you’re purifying is. 

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  • Colin On

    Chlorine dioxide has undergone extensive government studies for water purification and has been proven to be safe at levels below 0.8 milligrams per liter. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established the maximum allowable concentration of chlorine dioxide in drinking water at 0.8 milligrams per liter (mg/L).

    While chlorine dioxide is considered an oxidant and has been suggested to cause less damage than oxygen in the body due to its lower voltage, the potential for it to induce oxidative stress remains a topic of discussion. As of now, I no of no definitive proof one way or the other regarding its impact on oxidative stress. Further research and studies may provide more insights into this aspect. If anyone has any studies about this I would be interested.

  • Jenn On

    I read that Chlorine dioxide taken internally over time can cause oxidative stress. You need to replenish glutathione. Not sure if this applies to purifying water too and drinking it regularly, or only taking it internally for health benefits, but just wanted to mention that a biochemist said if taken for health reasons ,it can help a lot but you need to replenish glutathione, or take NAC.

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