About AllOne Wellness

All systems of the body and universe are connected, like our communities around us. We are all one. This is something Colin, founder of AllOne Wellness, has believed deeply for as long as he can remember. As he grew into adulthood, each new project or venture he started was built on the desire to improve the wellness of the collective community around him. The belief in connection and the many moving parts of wellness is why AllOne Wellness has such a wide variety of offerings today. Each product attributes to one part of the interlocking system of wellness and health.

KIKUP, inspired by the national sport of Vietnam, is a hacky-sack-like game involving a badminton-like birdie designed to be kept up in the air with hands and feet. Colin first saw it on his travels throughout Asia in his youth and loved the physicality that came with the unique game. Upon his return to North America, he was eager to bring it to the people. Since then, he has shared it with schools and sports teams across the US and Canada, encouraging physical wellness in students and athletes across nations.

With continued interest in physical health, Colin found himself exploring other exercise methods. He wanted more ways of being active at home that were fun and multipurpose. When his partner brought home a set of resistance bands for an at-home workout, he was captivated and appreciated what a simple but versatile design they had. The product felt like a natural fit for AllOne Wellness’ lineup, which led him to manufacture his own set of resistance bands and offer them in the online store.

A fascination with Ayurveda’s natural medicine system and desire to improve his health led to introducing the copper tongue cleaner to AllOne Wellness’ offerings. Tongue scraping is not a widespread practice in North America, but upon learning of it and experiencing its benefits, Colin sought to spread the word of this near 3000-year-old practice. Tongue scraping every morning improves bad breath, lessens risks of cavities and tooth decay, and can improve digestion throughout the day.

While Goatmeal is a regular offering in the AllOne Wellness shop, it began as a venture between two friends who wanted to create a grain-free cereal that wasn’t packed with sugar like so many of its counterparts on the market. Colin and his best friend, Neil, worked together on building the product for several years. Eventually, Neil decided to move on to new endeavors. He handed the reigns over to Colin, who would subsequently form AllOne Wellness with Goatmeal as one of its many product offerings.

Finally, what can only be described as AllOne Wellness’ crown jewel, is its wide variety of water purification offerings. Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) started it all and is similar to WPS Kit Water Purification Solution. It is designed to kill pathogens, parasites, and disease-causing organisms the same as a WPS kit. The primary difference is that CDS is already activated and is not as strong as a WPS Kit. CDS can be used for camping, hiking, outdoors and in emergency kits. It’s safe for daily use and has a reduced taste compared to other water purification methods. Colin’s passion for clean water and emergency preparedness led him first to discover CDS. Upon finding there were no Canadian manufacturers, he decided to make his own.

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