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WPS Citric Acid Solution 50% CDS KIT PART B Water Purification


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Plastic Bottle 125ml
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WPS Citric Acid Solution 50% CDS KIT PART B Water Purification Soltion 125ml

Experience the power of purification with AllOne Wellness PART B - Citric Acid Solution ), an essential component of our 2 PART WPS KIT. Each kit includes 2 bottles of 125 ml (4.2 oz) that makes Chlorine Dioxide Solution. CDS - WPD Water Purification Solution Drops, designed to provide effective water cleansing. Trust AllOne Wellness for superior quality and reliable solutions

Comes in Convenient Glass or Plastic Bottles

🫙Glass Bottles with Childproof Lids

Our glass bottles come equipped with childproof lids, ensuring safe and controlled usage. Additionally, they are equipped with external droppers called pipettes for added reliability made out of low-density polyethylene, as the inner rubber-lined dropper may occasionally malfunction. Crafted with high-quality amber (brown) glass, the best colour available to filter out harmful UV light. Glass is the preferred choice for long-term storage over 6 months due to its ability to last for decades and its non-leaching properties. Experience elegance and convenience with our glass bottles now adorned with informative French labels.

🚶🏻Plastic Bottles for On-the-Go

Our plastic bottles are expertly crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a premium chemical-resistant plastic. This makes them both durable and convenient, especially for on-the-go use. Additionally, their non-transparency offers superior UV protection. Despite occasional rare leaks after 8 months, these containers remain the preferred option for short-term use (under 6 months) and for travelling, thanks to their durability and portability.

Chlorine Dioxide KIT vs. CDH 3000 PPM

🆚The Chlorine Dioxide KIT and CDH 3000 PPM share the same pathogen-fighting capabilities since they both utilize Chlorine Dioxide to eliminate disease-causing organisms. The primary distinction is that our Chlorine Dioxide KIT requires activation and yields a solution with a potency of 33,000 ppm for every 1 ml of activated solution, whereas CDH 3000 PPM is pre-activated and maintains a more moderate strength of 3000 ppm🔬🦠


Discover what sets AllOne Wellness Apart from the Competition for Water Purification

🍁Made in Canada and the USA

AllOne Wellness takes immense pride in presenting our Water Purification Solution, 100% bottled in Canada. Made in Canada from domestic and imported materials from the USA, it adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring your water purification needs are met with excellence. Our PART A, Sodium Chlorite is made in the United States, while everything else Hydrochloric Acid, Citric Acid, Pure CDS & CDH are made in Canada.

🏆Top Quality

Crafted with the utmost care, our product is made using the finest ingredients and includes food-grade activators. You can rest assured that our water purification grade is the highest available. Our certified Sodium Chlorite, meeting NSF/ANSI Standard 60 water purification and food contact, distinguishes us from the competition.

🧪Tested for Potency

Every batch undergoes testing using test strips to verify a Chlorine Dioxide Gas concentration of 3000 PPM ensuring consistency in every bottle.

🚚Fast Shipping

We have a warehouse in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that ships orders out the same business day before 3 pm PST. Thanks to its status as a major shipping hub, our location ensures swift deliveries to destinations, whether it's the east coast of Canada or anywhere on the mainland of the United States. Be sure to check out our reviews on Trustpilot and our website to see for yourself.

🤝Exceptional Customer Support

Count on us for swift responses, aiming to address your queries right away, typically within a few hours or, at the latest, by the next day. We're dedicated to being there for you when you need assistance. Whether you choose to reach out via Chat, Email, or Phone, our team is ready to assist you promptly. Feel free to connect with us anytime, locate our contact information conveniently at the bottom of every page under AllOne Wellness. Alternatively, for instant support, click on the chat icon on the website to the right.

❄️Long-Term Bottle Storage

Planning for long-term storage or emergencies? Our plastic bottles are freezable, ensuring that your Water Purification Solution remains potent for 5 years or more. Be prepared for any situation.

💧Best Dropper

The plastic bottles are equipped with a turret cap that has a 3 mm dropper orifice, allowing for precise dosing. With this convenient dropper cap, 1 ml is around 20 drops or each drop is about 0.05 ml. Our external pipette droppers for glass bottles dispense approximately 22 drops for every 1 ml, with each drop being around 0.0455 ml.

🛡️Air-Tight Assurance

You can rest assured that our plastic and glass bottles are equipped with tested air-tight seals. Our plastic caps are securely tightened, and glass bottles come with childproof lids that cannot loosen. Furthermore, all our lids are equipped with heat-sealed shrink bands to provide an additional layer of protection, helping to prevent leaks and maintaining product integrity during shipping.


Choose Chlorine Dioxide for Superior Water Purification

Camping, Hiking, Boating, and International Travel

An essential companion for your outdoor adventures ensures safe drinking water by eliminating Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mold, Algae, Cysts, and other types of Parasites including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.


An essential element of your emergency preparedness, be ready with this dependable source to quickly and easily purify water when needed most.

🛢️Long-Term Water Storage

Chlorine Dioxide offers ultimate protection and ensures your stored water remains fresh, free from unwanted taste or odour. Instead of discarding your stored water, add Chlorine Dioxide before use or every 6 months. Highly effective at eliminating biofilm, ensuring your containers remain free from slime and buildup.

✔️Safe and Effective

Our product is safe for daily water purification, leaving behind no toxic residues or chlorates. It contains no free chlorine or iodine and is EPA-approved for water purification.

🚫No Aftertaste, Odour or Colour

Unlike chlorine, which can leave a distinct taste, you only need a small amount of Chlorine Dioxide to purify your water. When used as directed, say goodbye to that lingering aftertaste, odour or colour. Chlorine Dioxide neutralizes odours by breaking down and oxidizing odour-causing compounds and bacteria, eliminating unwanted smells and keeping your stored water fresh and clean.

⚗️HCl Activator for CDH

Our Chlorine Dioxide (Holding) Solution is thoughtfully formulated with a specially selected activator Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)


Just 1 bottle purifies approximately 800 litres of water, providing a highly cost-effective water purification solution.


For the WPS KIT using the plastic turret cap dropper and external plastic dropper, 1 drop of the solution added to 1 litre of water results in a Chlorine Dioxide concentration of 1.65 parts per million (ppm). The EU DWGL 98/83 sets the limit for Chlorine Dioxide water purification application at 0.2 ppm minimum, and the EPA's highest allowed Chlorine Dioxide concentration is 0.8 ppm. This indicates that the ideal Chlorine Dioxide concentration in water for purification should be within the range of 0.2 to 0.8 ppm.

📋Ingredients for CDH 3000 PPM

Our Water Purification Solution, Chlorine Dioxide (Holding) Solution 3000 PPM, is meticulously crafted by combining equal parts of PART A and B from the Chlorine Dioxide KIT in water.

1. 💨 Steam-Distilled Water (H₂O)

Providing a clean base for the solution, steam-distilled water ensures optimal quality.

2. 🔬 25% Sodium Chlorite (NaClO₂)

This vital ingredient is the foundation for the solution's Chlorine Dioxide production, ensuring its effectiveness. Our Sodium Chlorite Solution is proudly certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 60, signifying its standing as the market's top-tier, highest-quality grade, meticulously created for Chlorine Dioxide generation for water purification. This certification confirms its suitability for use in drinking water and various applications where contact with drinking water and food is involved.

3. 🧪 4% Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

A food-grade acid is used to activate the Sodium Chlorite, kickstarting the Chlorine Dioxide production. We use the highest purity chemical grade of Hydrochloric Acid or HCL, known as ACS grade. It undergoes testing by an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, attaining FCC grade, and ensuring adherence to the rigorous standards outlined in the Food Chemical Codex 5th Edition.

4. ⚗️ 0.3% Chlorine Dioxide Gas (ClO₂)

The active ingredient, Chlorine Dioxide Gas, is expertly activated into the water solution to achieve the desired concentration of 3000 PPM, or 0.3% Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). This powerful gas is the key to effective water purification.

🎖️These thoughtfully chosen ingredients work in harmony to deliver reliable and effective water purification, making our solution a valuable asset for your emergency preparedness and outdoor adventures🏞️


🌊How to Purify Water with CDH 3000 PPM

Before purifying water, carefully read and follow the instructions below in this section, as well as on the bottle. Make sure to use it in a well-ventilated space.

🦺Safety First

It's crucial to follow safety precautions when working with any potentially harmful substances, such as Chlorine Dioxide Gas dissolved in water. This is a bigger concern when working with more than 100 ml of CDH 3000 PPM at a time.

1. 🫁 Ventilation

Avoid inhaling Chlorine Dioxide Gas during activation, as it emits a potent chlorine-like odour that can be harmful to your lungs. Work outside or in a well-ventilated area, and use a chemical-filtered mask if needed to reduce exposure.

2. 🥽 Safety Glasses

Chlorine Dioxide Gas and solution can irritate or harm the eyes. To protect your eyes, it is advisable to wear safety goggles when handling Chlorine Dioxide.

3. 🧤 Protective Gloves

Chlorine Dioxide (Holding) Solution 3000 ppm can cause skin irritation. To protect your hands, it is advisable to use chemical-resistant gloves, such as those made from rubber or nitrile.


For suspended matter in your water, strain it through a filter or cheesecloth before adding the drops. If you notice the water is cloudy after the drops are added, be sure to filter it and purify it again. This is important to ensure the Chlorine Dioxide effectively purifies the water from pathogens and doesn't just oxidize the dirt.

💦Add CDH 3000 PPM Water to Purify

Add the required drops to purify your water and wait 30 minutes to finish killing germs.

1. 🚫 No Activation Required, just Add Drops

No need to activate the solution. Simply add with the plastic turret cap dropper, 2 to 5 drops for every litre of water. Adjust the quantity based on the water's level of impurity.

2. ⏱ Contact Time

After adding the drops, shake or stir the water thoroughly and let it sit for 30 minutes. The necessary contact time may vary based on the water's contamination level.

3. 💧 Purified Water

Your water is now pathogen-free and safe to drink.

📐Conversion of Chlorine Dioxide KIT to CDH 3000 PPM

⚖11 ml of CDH 3000 PPM is equivalent to 1 ml of activated Chlorine Dioxide KIT, making it 11 times stronger.

💪Upon activation, 1 ml of Sodium Chlorite from our Chlorine Dioxide KIT has been verified to generate approximately 33,000 ppm of Chlorine Dioxide, whereas CDH 3000 PPM is 3000 ppm. It's important to note that with the KIT, this will be a total of 2 ml, as 1 ml of Part B is added to activate.

    😊Enjoy your freshly purified water and stay hydrated!🌈🌤️🌊


    📦Storage Instructions for CDH 3000 PPM

    For long-lasting product effectiveness, adhere to these guidelines.

    1. ❄️ Refrigeration Upon Receipt

    Promptly refrigerate the product to preserve its effectiveness.

    2. 🕓 Minimum 4-Hour Refrigeration

    Refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours before opening. This ensures that less Chlorine Dioxide Gas will be released when opened.

    3. ☃️ Cold Storage

    Store the product with the lid securely closed in a dark place and refrigerate or store it in a cold, dry place, to maintain its potency.

    4. 🔦 Light Avoidance

    Avoid exposure to light to safeguard the product's quality. Chlorine Dioxide is sensitive to light and tends to break down when exposed.

    5. 🔄 Keep the Lid Tight and Away from Children

    Always make sure the lid is tightly sealed and keep the product out of reach of children

    6. 🧊 Freeze it to last longer

    For extended preservation, you can choose to freeze it for 5 years or longer and it will remain effective.

    7. 📆 Best Before Date

    Our solution retains its full strength for up to 1 year when unopened from the date received. Once opened, it remains potent for approximately 3 to 6 months. It remains effective beyond this period, but you may need to use larger quantities, and it's advisable to conduct testing for exact parts per million (ppm). You can also gauge its effectiveness by observing the colour change. For more information on using test strips, check out our blog link here.


    ⚠️WPS Important Safety Warning

    ⚠️Keep this product out of reach of children.

    ⚠️Do not use at full strength, dilute before using.

    ⚠️Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Do not breathe fumes.

    ⚠️Do not swallow, or get on eyes, skin, or clothing. In case of contact, rinse the affected area immediately.

    ⚠️Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.

    ⚠️If ingested, Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor, and drink 3 glasses of water.

    ⚠️Chlorine Dioxide Solution 3000 PPM: Hazard Statements. Causes skin and eye irritation, and is harmful if inhaled.


    Everything else you should know about Chlorine Dioxide

    🔍What is Chlorine Dioxide?

    Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2. It is a yellow to reddish-yellow gas at room temperature, and it's a highly effective oxidizing agent and disinfectant. Chlorine Dioxide is often used for water purification, bleaching processes, and as a disinfectant in various industries, including water treatment, healthcare, and food processing. It is known for its ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in water and other applications, making it valuable for ensuring clean and safe drinking water and various disinfection purposes. Chlorine dioxide is effective for water purification across a range of temperatures, typically working well in the temperature range of 4 to 40 degrees Celsius (39 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

    If you're interested in exploring other uses for Chlorine Dioxide at home, check out our blog here.👩‍🔬🚫🦠

    🔬Proven Water Purification

    In laboratory tests, Chlorine Dioxide Solution has been proven to reduce bacteria and fungi by up to 98.2%. This includes E. coli, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, listeria, salmonella, Candida albicans, and more [1]. Chlorine Dioxide has been well-studied in clinical trials for water purification [2].🔬🦠💦

    📊Water Quality Standard

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets stringent standards to ensure the safety of drinking water. According to these guidelines, the maximum concentration allowed for Chlorine Dioxide in drinking water is set at 0.8 milligrams per litre (mg/L) or 0.8 parts per million (ppm). For the chlorite ion, the allowable concentration is 1.0 mg/L.👩🏼‍🔬⛲🦠

    🚫Regulatory Disclaimer

    As per Health Canada, TGA, and FDA regulations, this product is offered strictly for water purification and food cleaning. It cannot be marketed as a pharmaceutical product. FDA warns consumers about the dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects of using Miracle Mineral Supplement, Master Mineral Solution or MMS, link here FDA MMS.

    🙏User Responsibility

    The responsibility for using this product in any manner other than directed lies solely with the user. It's important to note that Health Canada and the FDA both advise against the use of "MMS" as suggested by Jim Humble and Dr. Andreas Kalcke in their protocols.


    AllOne Wellness Inc. is not liable for any consequences or damages resulting from product misuse. We do not claim to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease or condition, as only a licensed doctor is qualified to do so. Your health and safety are our top priority. Health Canada or the FDA has not evaluated these statements.


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    WPS Citric Acid Solution 50% CDS KIT PART B Water Purification - AllOne Wellness CA$13.97

    WPS Citric Acid Solution 50% CDS KIT PART B Water Purification

    $13.97 CAD
    Plastic Bottle 125ml
    Glass Bottle 125ml