Meet KIKUP - The Tool That Revolutionized Hacky-Sack



  How To Play The Game In Vietnam they play with their feet only, USA they play with there hands only, but here in Canada we play with our hands and feet. The goal is to keep it in the air and do tricks without limits.  But entertainment isn’t the only benefit that hacky-sack provides. It comes with several health benefits as well. Health Benefits Of Hacky-Sack. Countries such as Canada, Australia, and the USA have several public health initiatives, and exercise is a crucial point in most of these initiatives. Canada’s Food Guide recommends that adults get 150 minutes of moderate...

Here’s Why You Need A Tongue Scraper


Tongue Scraper being washed

Is tongue cleaning good for you? Oral Hygiene is crucial to your overall health. A person living in Canada spends CAD 378.60 ($296.11 in the USA) on health care per capita yearly. In contrast, the average person in the USA spends USD 514 (657.18 in Canada). Combined, people in the USA and Canada spend billions on dental care annually. As dentist visits are expensive, most people try to develop good dental hygiene practices. But there is one vital organ that’s often overlooked: The tongue. While brushing and flossing are commonplace in the USA and Canada, most people don’t use a...

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