Three Ways To Naturally Purify Your Water

Water is essential to life. That is an undeniable fact, but have you ever thought about the purity of your water?

Drinking impure water can cause several medical conditions such as gastrointestinal illnesses, nervous system, reproductive damage, and in the worst-case scenario, cancer.

This has led to several persons purifying their water at home. Unfortunately, many of these water purification methods use harmful chemicals that may worsen your health more than the impure water itself. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to purify your water safely.

Here are some natural water purification methods that you need to try!

3 Ways to Purify Your Water


Boiling is one of the easiest and cheapest water purification methods. Most harmful pathogens can’t survive at high temperatures, so boiling is an effective way to purify your water.

This method requires you to boil your water and hold it at a rolling boil for 1-3 minutes. If you live at a high altitude, you need to boil your water for longer than people at a low altitude. That’s because the temperature required to boil water reduces as you rise in altitude.

If you got your water from a well, you should leave it to rest for five minutes to allow the chemicals to settle before you boil it.


This is the water purification method that you should be the most familiar with. Distilled water is widespread at grocery stores and corner shops. Distillation uses heat to purify your water by vaporizing it. After being vaporized, the vapor is led to a condenser to cool, which leaves you with pure water. Water has a lower boiling point than its contaminants, so this method is scientifically sound and proven to remove substances like bacteria, salts, lead, arsenic, and mercury.

The downside to this procedure is that it takes a lot of time and energy to complete. It works best for small amounts of water.


Filtration is one of the most efficient methods of water filtration. Using the proper multimedia filters means that it's highly successful in removing harmful compounds from water. This water filtration method purifies your water both chemically and physically. The filtration process is rapid and straightforward, but it effectively removes both dangerous chemicals and minuscule pollutants that may cause you to become ill.

Filtering your water does not remove all its natural mineral salts, so this method is widely regarded as one of the healthiest water purification methods. You can use natural materials such as charcoal, plants such as water lettuce, and coconut husks.

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