How to Make Pure Chlorine Dioxide Solution at 3000 PPM

Have you heard about Chlorine Dioxide?

More specifically, have you heard of a chlorine dioxide solution? If you haven't, keep reading because it could change your life.

But before we discuss how it can significantly improve your life, let's talk about what a chlorine dioxide solution is.

What is Chlorine Dioxide Solution 3000 PPM?

Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical compound composed of one part chlorine and two parts oxygen. A pure Chlorine Dioxide Solution is designed for water purification and, when used as directed, is safe for human consumption. The preferred solution is CDS 3000 ppm, which means there are 3000 chlorine dioxide atoms for every million atoms in the solution, resulting in a 0.3% concentration. This concentration makes it safer for transportation and use compared to higher concentrations.

Uses of Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Now that we've clarified what a chlorine dioxide solution is, let's delve into its versatile range of applications.

Chlorine dioxide boasts over twice the oxidizing power of bleach, giving it a wide spectrum of sanitizing uses and an effective defense against a broad array of pests. According to research, it can achieve a remarkable 6-log reduction, indicating a reduction of one million germs.

What sets it apart environmentally is that it's less harmful than quaternary ammonium salts, chlorine, or bromine. This makes it an excellent choice for the food industry, as it's been proven to eliminate biofilms and even prevent their further growth in some cases.

Chlorine dioxide is registered with the EPA as an effective bactericide, fungicide, and antimicrobial agent for food contact surfaces. Both the FDA and USDA have given their approval for its use in sanitization and mold control in food processing plants.

One of the most common applications of CDS 3000 PPM is for water purification. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties make it exceptionally effective in killing viruses on surfaces, including the COVID-19 virus. In a Japanese study, CDS was found to eliminate up to 99% of the COVID-19 virus, even its variants. Furthermore, chlorine dioxide gas, as determined by COPH, displayed a 99.91% effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus.

Laboratory tests demonstrate its capability to eradicate up to 98.2% of bacteria and fungi, even when used in small quantities, making it an economically sound choice.

How to Make a Pure Chlorine Dioxide Solution 3000 ppm

Now that we've discussed the advantages of a chlorine dioxide solution, let's move on to how you can create one at home. The process is straightforward, and here are the materials and steps involved. This method results in pure chlorine dioxide gas without any byproducts, effectively purifying the water.

If you need a WPS Chlorine Dioxide Kit to make CDS 3000 PPM or prefer to purchase it pre-made, you can find the  link here.

Here's a guide on how to make a pure Chlorine Dioxide Solution 3000 ppm at home. This method ensures the production of pure chlorine dioxide gas without any byproducts, effectively purifying the water.


  • 22.4% or 25% Sodium Chlorite Solution.
  • 50% Citric Acid or 4% Hydrochloric acid, or another food-grade acid.
  • 500 ml of distilled or filtered water.
  • Inner container, a wine glass or tall glass (it can float, and that's fine).
  • Outer container, a large glass jar that can accommodate the inner container.
  • A plastic bag (optional).


  1. Add 500 ml of distilled or filtered water into the outer container.
  2. In the inner glass, add 25 ml of Sodium Chlorite and then 25 ml of your chosen acid.
  3. Quickly place the inner container into the outer container and seal the outer container to prevent gas from escaping once it's added to the inner container.
  4. Optionally, cover the outer container with a plastic bag and a lid.
  5. Let it sit for 12 to 24 hours.
  6. After 12 to 24 hours, carefully remove the inner container and dispose of its contents down the drain with 20 times as much water. You can also use it for cleaning.
  7. You now have 3000 PPM of CDS inside the outer container.

Please note: When working with chemicals, always take necessary safety precautions and follow guidelines to ensure safety during the process.

    I have some pictures to here to give you a better example of how to make CDS 3000 PPM.

    On the left, you can see the supplies required for making CDS, while on the right, the CDS has been activated and measured along with the water. It's now ready to begin the process of creating CDS with a concentration of 3000 PPM.

    Picture of making CDS 3000 PPM Part 1

    On the left, the water has been poured into the glass container, and the activator has been added to the inner glass container inside the outer container. On the right, you can see the optional plastic bag, which helps protect your lid from degradation. The lid is then sealed, and you should now wait for 12 to 24 hours for the chlorine dioxide gas to diffuse.

    Picture of making CDS 3000 PPM  2

    This picture is after 24 hours, you can observe a noticeable change in color in both containers, as seen on the left. Both containers should closely match in color.

    On the right, we have an image showing the removal of the inner container and a top view of the finished product. Take note of the yellow color; yours should be close to this shade. The color and the smell are excellent indicators that the chlorine dioxide gas is present in sufficient quantities.

    Picture of making CDS 3000 PPM 3


    I hope this information has addressed most of the questions in the article. It's crucial to remember to store the CDS 3000 PPM in an airtight container, kept in a dark and refrigerated environment. If not stored properly, it will not last longer than a week or so. Testing is also recommended, and you can find more information on how to do so in the linked article.

    For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use CDS 3000 PPM, please refer to the website page linked here. Here is a simply guild below.

    • Add 2 to 5 drops of the solution for every liter of water.
    • Adjust the quantity based on the level of impurities present.

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    • Kathleen L. On

      I’m very confused at the directions to make chlorine dioxide and all of the materials you listed. And then putting the wine glass in a jar and then disposing of everything. Could you please be more clear? I would love to make this or do I buy it from you already made thank you for your time.

    • Emile On

      Looking to purchase sodium chlorite granular or powder, and ascorbic acid crystals. If not possible, looking for the WPS 2 bottles water purification solution CDC Kits (22.4% and 4%), possibly 3-6. I live in Prince George BC Canada…. wanted to connect through your web pages first. Then go from there. Watching Mike Adams and Dr. Stella Emanuel, as a forester-familiar with using water purification treatments for hiking BC Forests. Appreciate your consideration. Take Care.

    • Colin On

      To answer the questions above, first, this is instruction on how to make the WPS kits into CDS. CDS is also sold already pre-made for your convenience.

      CDS can be used for water purification and sanitation, it can also be made into a mouthwash, but they all need to be diluted.

    • Shirley J Hodge On

      once i mix alreadly activated 3000 product with a litter of water and without making it from scratch then what what do i do with it Is it only to spray for cleaning or what?

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