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AllOne Wellness | Pure Copper Antimicrobial Tongue Cleaner - Tongue Scraper /w Handle

AllOne Wellness | Pure Copper Antimicrobial Tongue Cleaner - Tongue Scraper /w Handle

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  • Pristine Oral Hygiene, Freshen Breath and End Halitosis
  • Removes Bacteria, Fungi, Dead Cells and Toxins (AMA)
  • Enhance The Flavors of Food and Reduces Plaque and Cavities
  • One Year Warranty | Anti-Microbial | Dentist Recommended | Scientifically Proven | Ayurveda Recommends | Satisfaction Guaranteed | Clean In Seconds
  • 10% of the profit will be donated to Warka Water to empower water-poor communities to produce clean water.

The art of tongue cleaning originated from one of the world's most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. Ayurveda is a holistic approach to healing that is over 3000 years old. Tongue cleaning is now being validated by science as the best-known way to rid your tongue of its white coating of bacteria, mucus, toxins, and dead cells. They release volatile sulfur compounds that cause 95% of halitosis (Bad Breath). The tongue accumulates a white coating of toxins from the digestive system, these toxins feed bad bacteria and fungus that causes bad breath, lack of taste, gum disease, plaque, and cavities. If not removed these toxins are reabsorbed by the body and cause digestive, respiratory, and Immune system illnesses. This Tongue Cleaner has handles for grip and a wider cleaning surface design to scrape the whole tongue. Tongue cleaners are 5 times more effective at cleaning the tongue than a toothbrush.

Here Are 5 of My Favorite Reasons to Clean Your Tongue Everyday:

1. Fresher Breath

There are many benefits to cleaning your tongue daily. The first one you might notice is your breath is much fresher than before. Ridding your tongue of bacteria, volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) and the waste from your digestive tract helps put a stop to 85% of bad-breath-causing Halitosis (11) (12). Using a toothbrush alone to clean your tongue does not remove this harmful bacteria. Rather than scraping and removing bacteria, toothbrushes merely move it around your mouth (13).

Scraping your tongue can even save you money on gum and breath mints! Rather than masking bad breath, you are removing it at the source by scraping your tongue.

2. Better Taste Bud Function

If the first reason isn't enough for you to start cleaning your tongue then consider this: Your food will taste better with a clean tongue! Simply, if you don't have dead cells and bacteria blocking your taste receptors than it's clear sailing to flavour town (14) (15). You need your taste for digestion as well. The instant food hits your tongue your body starts producing the digestive enzymes it needs to digest your food. If your tongue is clean then you will produce more of the right digestive enzymes for your food to digest correctly. Ayurveda teaches us that blocked taste buds interfere with our body’s ability to communicate with our brain. This disconnect to the food we eat can lead to false food cravings. If your food is not tasting as good as it used to, give a tongue cleaner a try!

3. Natural, Healthy-looking Tongue

Tired of your tongue looking white, black, brown, or even green? Well scraping your tongue is the only natural way to restore it to its natural reddish-pink color. Scrape your tongue once - or better yet twice a day to remove the gunk on your tongue and restore it to its natural color (15) (16). This could be oral thrush a yeast Infection in your mouth and you don't want that (17). I had quite the white coating on my tongue and I can tell you I do not miss seeing it every day. So If you can't remember what your reddish pinkish tongue looked like, this is the perfect tool to refresh your memory.

4. Dental Health

Yes ridding your tongue of VSC, dead cell, bacteria, fungus, toxins, and AMA can help your dental health. Doing this every day will help reduces gum disease, plaque build-up, cavities, gum infections, gum recession, and even loss of teeth. This will help make your mouth healthier as well as the rest of your body (18). I found my tongue feels nice and fresh now that I clean my tongue every day when I wake up. For best results: scrape your tongue, floss your teeth and then brush your teeth - in that order. This is best done first thing in the morning and ideally twice a day. It is a great tool to help you to improve your dental game.

5. Improved Overall Health

The tongue is the gatekeeper for your mouth and it's health affects the rest of your body too. This includes your heart, lungs, blood sugar, bones, brain, and even your pregnancy if you have one (18). One reason for this is having fewer bacterial microbes in your mouth, which has been shown to have a lower risk of heart disease (19). If all that wasn't enough scraping your tongue will stimulate your digestive system and the rest of your body. This helps your body get ready to digest your food in the morning. According to Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, your tongue, like your foot, is connected to your whole body (20).

Ayurvedic texts state the tongue accumulates a white coating of toxins from the digestive system (21). If not removed these toxins are reabsorbed by the body and cause digestive, respiratory and Immune system illnesses (22). This is why it's important to scrape your tongue first thing in the morning. In my personal experience, this is true. When I first started cleaning my tongue daily my morning stomach aches went away. If you have any related health problems cleaning your tongue is definitely worth a try.

Why I Love Tongue Cleaning! 

My favorite part about cleaning my tongue is it only takes about 20 seconds a day. It is a simple task, easier than brushing your teeth and more enjoyable - even fun and satisfying. With all the improved health benefits you notice from doing it every day it also makes it easy to apply to your normal morning routine. My tongue, mouth, and stomach have never felt so good after I started doing it daily. This is one of my favorite new healthy practices and I'm happy to share it with you. Once I started I could not stop cleaning my tongue.

I liked them so much I decided to to to start selling my own brand FDA certified copper tongue cleaners. I test them out personally to assure their high quality and effectiveness. You can find them on the links below.

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