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Goatmeal - Grain-free Breakfast Cereal - Original & Cinnamon Raisin 225g,Colin Traquair

Goatmeal - Grain-free Breakfast Cereal - Original & Cinnamon Raisin 225g

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  Goatmeal is a grain-free, low-carb, 100% raw, vegan, no sugar, superfood breakfast cereal that can be eaten like hot cereal, cold cereal, and raw trail mix,  Make your favorite treats and meals more nutritious and delicious, this versatile product has many other great culinary uses: Add as a yogurt topping - Bakes into cookies - Mixing with cereal, salads, and fruit smoothies - Breading for meat - Put on your favorite dinner or dessert.


  Goatmeal is great on the go, ready right away or in 3 minutes when made with milk or water. When eaten like cereal it expands 3x in volume, making it extra filling. Made with the best tasting and most nutritious ingredients we could find. making it so healthy it has as many minerals gram per gram as costly greens supplements. Order Goatmeal and you boost your wellness today.



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