How to make Pure Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Have you heard about Chlorine Dioxide? More specifically, of chlorine dioxide solution.

If you haven’t, keep reading because it will change your life.

But before we talk about how it will drastically improve your life, let’s talk about what a chlorine dioxide solution is.

What is Chlorine Dioxide Solution 3000 PPM?

Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical compound that consists of one-part chlorine and two parts oxygen. Pure Chlorine Dioxide Solution is made for water purification and used as directed, safe human consumption. The ideal solution is CDS 3000 ppm, that is 3000 chlorine dioxide atoms per every million atoms in your solution or a 0.3% concentration, this make its safer to transport and use than in higher concentrations.

Uses of Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Now that we’ve established what a chlorine dioxide solution is, let’s talk about what it’s used for.

Chlorine dioxide has more than two times the oxidizing power of bleach. This means it has a broad range of sanitizing applications and effectively fights against a wide range of pests. According to studies, it can provide a 6-log decrease, which means that the number of germs reduces by 1,000,000.

It’s also less harmful to the environment than quaternary ammonium salts, chlorine, or bromine. It’s an excellent option for the food industry because it has been proven to destroy biofilms and even prevent further growth in some cases.

It’s registered with the EPA as an effective food contact surface bactericide, fungicide, and antimicrobial agent. The FDA and USDA have also approved it for sanitization and mold control at food processing plants.

The most common use of CDS 3000 PPM is for water purification. The antibacterial and antiviral properties made it incredibly effective against killing viruses on surfaces such as the COVID-19 virus. A Japanese study showed that CDS kills up to 99% of the COVID-19 virus, variants included. Chlorine dioxide gas was found by COPH to be 99.91% effective against COVID-19 virus.

Labs tests prove that it can kill up to 98.2% of bacteria and fungi even in small quantities, meaning that it’s an economical choice.

How to Make a Pure Chlorine Dioxide Solution 3000 ppm

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of a chlorine dioxide solution, let’s talk about how you can make one for yourself at home. It’s easy. Here are the materials and steps. This method will leave choline dioxide gas and no byproducts. The gas goes in to the water making it pure CDS.


  • 1 liter of distilled or filtered water
  • 22.4% or 25% sodium chlorite solution.
  • 50% Citric Acid or 4% Hydrochloric acid or another food grade acid.
  • A Wine Glass
  • A plastic bag
  • A Large Glass Jar


  1. Add 1 liter of distilled or filtered water to your glass jar
  2. Put your wine glass in the jar
  3. Add 75 ml of Sodium Chlorite to your glass, then add 75 ml of your acid. Quickly close the jar, so the gasses don’t escape.
  4. Cover the jar with your plastic bag then lid if you have one and leave it to sit for 12 hours
  5. After 12 to 24 hours, then carefully remove your wineglass and dispose of the contents.
  6. Add 20 ml of sodium chloride to stabilize the mixture (Optional)

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  • Kathleen L. On

    I’m very confused at the directions to make chlorine dioxide and all of the materials you listed. And then putting the wine glass in a jar and then disposing of everything. Could you please be more clear? I would love to make this or do I buy it from you already made thank you for your time.

  • Edmund R. Paulin On


  • Emile On

    Looking to purchase sodium chlorite granular or powder, and ascorbic acid crystals. If not possible, looking for the WPS 2 bottles water purification solution CDC Kits (22.4% and 4%), possibly 3-6. I live in Prince George BC Canada…. wanted to connect through your web pages first. Then go from there. Watching Mike Adams and Dr. Stella Emanuel, as a forester-familiar with using water purification treatments for hiking BC Forests. Appreciate your consideration. Take Care.

  • Wes On

    So far, I bought the CDS 3000 ppm bottle and have been putting 3 drops from the stopper on the bottle in 250ml of water and drinking it. Is this correct/roughly the right idea or is this far under dosing? I’m not sure because it said “1ml is equivalent to 3 drops” on the chat-bot FAQ but I do not really now how many drops from the picture shown on this blog is 1ml? 3? 1? 30?

  • Colin On

    To answer the questions above, first, this is instruction on how to make the WPS kits into CDS. CDS is also sold already pre-made for your convenience.

    CDS can be used for water purification and sanitation, it can also be made into a mouthwash, but they all need to be diluted.

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